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Here at aberlady.net we are always looking for new material for use on the website. As you will see from our various pages we welcome items on a wide variety of subjects.

If it is Aberlady related we will consider it for inclusion on aberlady.net.

Drama Club & More

There are a number of different clubs or organisations in the village but there are a few that we have little or no information on. There was once a thriving Pigeon Club?/Homing Society? Did any of your relatives take part? Another very popular group of people was the Drama Society who put on productions on the stage in the village hall. Maybe you know someone who was one of the thespians? Can you think of any other groups that we have no information on? Contact us now.

Another area that we would like information from is your personal memories. You may have attended Aberlady Primary School, or Sunday School at the local Church. What do you remember about those times?

Sherbet Dip, Lucky Tatties & Other Goodies

Growing up - particularly in the 50s, 60s & 70s - some of the most vivid memories are of the different Sweets that were available at the time. Spangles, Sherbet Flying Saucers & Aniseed Balls are just three that come to mind but we are sure that you can remember many more.

Shops & Shopping

Shopping in Aberlady has definitely changed over the years. Gone are the days when the shopkeeper did all the work while the customer read off the items on the shopping list. Do you remember shopping at Guy's, Goudie's or Robertson's ( the sweet shop down The Wynd )? Maybe you recall buying wool or babies clothes from Mrs. Gibsons? Or having a meal in The Wagon Inn? Maybe you were sent to the Co-op for the messages, trying to remember the divi number as you went.

Hobbies & other interests

What did you do for fun when you were growing up in Aberlady? Let us know what games and activities that you took part in with other children & how you passed the time as you got older. As a child you may have played Hide n' Seek, Jacks, Tag, Football, etc. As you grew a bit older your interests probably changed. Tell us what took your interest then.

Swing Park & Beach

The various items ( Swings, Slide or Shute, Sweegy Boat ) in the swing park at The Pleasance were well used, dens were made in the woods and many a day was spent on the sand at Shell Bay. Do you remember any of these if so we would love to hear from you.

Please tell your friends about The Aberlady Pages ( aberlady.net ) web site .

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