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Tymes Past Article
The following article is one of a few we are publishing under the heading 'Tymes Past'. These will mostly be about events or organisations which are no longer in the village. Articles so far in this series are;
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Watch out for other articles in the future

A Walk Through Aberlady

By A Former Resident - Jessie Maillie
Jessie Maillie was a resident of The Pleasance at one time ( from the age of five, around 1914 ) and below she gives us a snapshot of what she remembers about life in Aberlady

She recalls the Headmaster , Mr. Ross, at the local school, as well as teachers Miss Lavery and Miss Stuart and the fact that there was two classes in each room. Miss Lavery lived in Cross Cottage - a later residence of famous writer Nigel Tranter.

She then remembers that the family names Guy and Sinclair were dominant in the village and that they bought milk from Sinclairs in Haddington Road ( there was a farm there at one time ).

We will let her continue her reminiscence as it was told to us - as a walk through the village;
Then Sherrats for flowers. The Police Station - Mr. Gow being the local Policeman. The Post Office with Mr. Smith as Postmaster, at Christmas time we often picked up two hens tied together with a label on, presents from friends in Wick. Then on the corner was the Misses Scott, who owned the Draper shop.

Down the Wynd there was a golf shop where we took the balls we found on the golf course, for a few pence. And next to that, i think it was Laing who owned the Sweetie Shop.

Back to the Main Street, Steanes Variety, and bus depot ( Steanes was where the chip shop is now. Was the bus depot on the spare ground where Sinclair Court now is? ). Then the Golf Hotel ( now The Old Aberlady Inn ), over the road to Guy's Grocers - Laurie Guy drove the horse and cart, and later the van. Further up was the garage, again owned by Guy. Then Fairbairns Newspaper Shop ( Mr. Ross, the Headmaster, lived across from there next to the old school ). Then the Butcher Shop owned by Willie Wilson, also known as Haw Will.

Tommy Blair - known as 'Spud' because his father worked on farms, he lived in the old rows ( Red Row ) across from the butchers.

Then the Church and War Memorial and Blairs Sweetie Shop ( part of what is now the white house ) right on the corner ( conveniently on the way to school ), tho we never had money to spend. The Pleasanse was opposite the School and Elcho Terrace was next, and that was it.

In early 2008 Jessie visited Aberlady, with her husband, for the first time in 50+ years and we drove her around the village but School Road and all the houses to the East of the School were completely new to her, showing how much the village had changed in that time.

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18th century house in Aberlady
18th Century House

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