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Caring and Considerate
The Aberlady Pages ( www.aberlady.net ) web site came about because of my love of the village of Aberlady. Having lived here all of my life ( over 50 years now ) i know what it is like to grow up in a happy, peaceful and safe environment in a community with a caring and considerate attitude.

But Aberlady is more than that, it has a fascinating history ( including of course the period when it was the port for the town of Haddington ) and it has many fine old buildings, including the beautiful village church - the oldest building in the village is opposite the Old Aberlady Inn. As with any other village, as the older inhabitants die so does much of it's history and the Aberlady Pages web site is a way of trying to address that problem.

As well as recording my own memories of growing up in Aberlady, i have begun to interview some of the older members of the community so i can preserve as much about the village as i can. Obviously the site is not only seeking views of older residents though, any comments ( about Aberlady, the area or growing up here ) from any age group is most welcome.

Note - Any reference(s) on this page, to East Lothian Council / Local Councillors is applicable to the Labour controlled administration prior to the 2006 elections. The 'new' SNP/Libdem administration has yet to be tested properly on development issues. Note -

Unfortunately, due to the lack of democracy in local politics here in East Lothian ( prior to 2006 ), we have felt it necessary to include pages highlighting the 'problems' relating to the 'recent' Cala development in School Field. The opposition to these houses was not 'nimbyism', as there has been many houses built in the village in my time here and there has been no problems with their being built. The opposition to the Cala development was for very legitimate reasons as set out on the relevant pages on the site.

My name was one of those regularly in the local newspapers ( often on behalf of the Aberlady Conservation Society, of which i am now not a member ) opposing the houses but i am not against new houses or people in Aberlady as they are necessary for the sustainability of any community. My opposition was against these houses for very legitimate reasons, some of which are now coming to fruition ( school overcrowding, traffic problems - one of the Autumn/Winter issues of the Community Council newsletter highlighted problems of speeding cars on the Mair Road ), extra air pollution, austhetic values, etc. ).

Had the development been small and in keeping with the village, there would have been little or no opposition from me or anyone else and the pages on this site about it would not have been necessary.

Your Views
However, if you are a 'new' resident to the village, in one of the homes in the Cala development, we would very much like to hear your views on the village - what type of welcome you have had, your views on the village - what you like about it and what you're not so keen on or anything else you would like to say about Aberlady. You can air your views as follows;

Click on the following links to go to the Forums, and to send an email respectively.


A note about the Forums; For them to work, Forums need people like you to contribute their views, information, etc.So please consider posting something. Thank You.

W hope you enjoy the site.

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